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For each different swag item, please provide a new form (for example if ordering a totes and t-shirts than provide to forms)

*Please note that YOU will be providing the swag (example: mugs, t-shirts, totes), I'm just heat pressing your graphics to the product you've provided for me.

What type of Heat Press Swag are you requesting?

Select Product (Required)

If "Other" please provide info in "Your Message" area above.

Select the Qty: (Required)

If 50+ please contact me in person for time scheduling.

When do you need these by? (Required)

If one color project: What color vinyl would you like?

Graphic Requirements:

300DPI or more. Files Accepted: jpg, png, pdf, jpeg, psd.

If printing on black some adjustments might be required in using a png. If this is a very large file please copy and paste the below link to my dropbox folder:

Upload your graphics

Terms: The service is for friends I've contacted and am willing to provide for. This is an act of kindness. Please respect that if I can not accommodate your request due to my own time constraints or personal deadlines. I will do my best to honor your request, but you must agree to these terms before I can move forward.


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