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Fluffy Hellhound Fun




I loved Sully the Hellhound, he’s cute, fluffy and dangerous. Good world building, fun story to read. I look forward to reading the next book.

Mist Raven – 2017



Great Book.



Great story about the past and the present colliding. Once you start this book, it is really hard to put down. This book has suspense, romance, and adventure with a paranormal twist. Declan is a well off adventurer that takes lots of risks, luckily he has Casey to help clean up his messes. Declan falls into the path of Kat, who is wearing dated clothes and has no recollection of who she is. Kat seems so perfect but looks can be deceiving.

Cschwindt87 – 2016

Enjoyable Sweet Story

I got this book as a kindle freebie a while ago and I’m glad I did cause it was a sweet paranormal story with a happy ending that brought tears to my eyes.
A lot of other reviewers seem to mind that the charachters don’t speak the language of the 1800’s, I didn’t mind really. If I want to read something in old english I’ll read some classic literature.
I like the writing style of the author, it was fluent and easy to read.
That made Somber Island a more than enjoyable story, although maybe a tad too short.
It didn’t feel rushed like some other short books but I would’ve like more details here and there.

It’s a stand alone book and a sweet story so if you want a fast read in between series, this is it.

Oh, and I really loved the cover, which rarely happens for me in the PNR/UF genre cause I find most covers to be unimaginative and cheesy.

LF – Amazon 2012



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